September 20-22


Design by: Alexis Kristen Lacsamana / Grade 9 / Graphic Design and Animation


Friday 20/09/19

Excursions inspired by Manila

The following is a preview of the excursions on offer, designed to give you a glimpse of the chaos, beauty and surprises that is the Philippine capital.

Choose one embrace the opportunity... and make sure you all bring an umbrella!

A full schedule will be published closer to the event.

Intramuros Photography Excursion *

Presented by Winnie Wong and Valentina Kranjec

Wander around cobbled streets of the oldest district in Manila, Intramuros. Walk with Winnie and Valnetina as they take you through the historic centre and it’s many sights including Fort Santiago and the Baluarte de San Diego. Bring good walking shoes and an umbrella!

*Please Note This tour requires an earlier starting time of 9:15, so you will need leave as soon as you are registered at ISM.

Pinto Gallery Excursion

Presented by Katie Grauke and Chie Purugganan

Escape from the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila and join Katie and Chie on a tour of the Pinto Art Gallery. This Santorini inspired museum located in the heart of Antipolo City, exhibits a combination of contemporary Filipino Paintings, native arts, and sculptures that come set in serene tropical gardens and whitewashed, Mediterranean-style villas.

BGC Mural Photography Excursion

Presented by Dennis Respecki and Nikki Hume

Follow Dennis and Nikki as they guide you through the streets of Bonifacio Global City (BGC) revealing the many large and small murals. Unlike many cities in Metro Manila, which are covered with billboards, the BGC is covered in art. Bring good walking shoes and an umbrella!

Gallery Hopping in a Jeepney

Presented by Carmel Lim Torres and Gari Carreon

Join local artists Carmel and Gari on a gallery hopping tour of the Philippines version of Wall Street, Makati. Hidden amongst the skyscrapers and glass buildings are galleries where the city's artists come together to let their talents flourish. You will also experience traveling in an iconic Jeepney, ubiquitous in the Philippines. Known for their kitsch decorations they have become a wide spread symbol of Philippine culture and art.

Art Deco Walk *

Presented by the Old Manila Walks Group

Established in 1611, the University of Santo Tomas (UST) is the oldest extant institution of higher learning in the Philippines. Our walk will take us the school’s famous landmarks - declared National Cultural Treasures - starting with the Arch of the Centuries, the Benavides Monument , the U.S.T. Main Building and the Central Seminary. We will also visit University Museum of Arts and Sciences (1871) with its eclectic collection of paintings, natural specimens, colonial objets d’arts and historical memorabilia. In the afternoon, we head off to visit the fascinating Chinese Cemetery- with its unique tombs and grand mausoleums- a veritable city of the dead!

*Please Note This tour requires an earlier starting time of 9:15, so you will need leave as soon as you are registered at ISM.

Saturday 21/09/19

Workshops inspired by You!

Today will be dedicated to a wide variety of 50 minute and 90 minute workshops developed by Art educators, for Art educators. Whether they are centred around pedagogy or studio practice there is something here for everyone.

A full schedule will be published closer to the event.

Sunday 22/09/19

Artists in Residence

Embrace the opportunity to meet local artists as they share their practices and methodologies.

The Beauty in Soft and Oil Pastels

Presented by Maryrose Gisbert Domingo

(3 Hours)

One of the most vibrant medium an artist can use as well as a very therapeutic approach in art are Soft and Oil Pastels. You will learn new techniques in this medium and experience on-the-spot sketching using still- life models with both Oil and Soft Pastels. The workshop will inspire you to experiment further with your techniques, using this medium on various materials.

Come and join us and experience different methods in the world of Soft and Oil Pastels.

Workshop duration: Three (3) hours per program

One and a half (1 ½) hour Oil Pastel

One and a half (1 ½) hour Soft Pastel

The Journey

Presented by Manuel L. Librodo Jr.

(3 Hours)

Manuel L. Librodo JR. formerly a teacher of Photography and Psychology, is now a highly decorated photographer. Specialising in travel and people, glamour and fashion photography, his popularity among photographers and photography fans is evident through more than 27 million hits in his Pbase account alone and more than 120,000 followers he has on his Facebook personal and fan pages. His images have appeared in many publications worldwide, including several cover pages for Asian Geographic and calendars for UNICEF. Join Manny as he shares his inspirational journey from educator to full time practitioner.

From Nothing to Something

Presented by Ral Arrogante

(3 Hours)

Ral Arrogante is a self-taught artist and a businessman and is presently the Head of the Society of Philippine Sculptors (SPS). He is known for his scrap metal wind-driven sculpture depicting ecological subjects. Ral is also a former officer of the Art Association of the Philippines (AAP) and he commits himself in sharing his talent and know-how with young artists and children in depressed communities. Ral uses available recycled materials such as plastic film sheets, illustration boards, corrugated cartons, copper metal sheets, soft drinks can, etc.

This session covers his introduction into mobile making and with the aid of photos and simple tools he uses to finish an artwork, he will deliver a demonstration on how he creates a piece of work.

Jumping between Disciplines

Presented by Jonathan Pisano

(3 Hours)

Working directly from nature without the aid of technology is quite rare amongst contemporary image makers. The filter, of say, a computer screen when considered can bring about important questions that can help transform a piece for the better. Consider the historical context of that particular discipline and observe how it functions optically.

Using a still found image as a starting point, attendees will be asked to isolate moments and produce a 2-dimensional sketch. The sketch will then be transformed 3 dimensionally and finally converted once more into a final finished 2D piece.

Workshop duration: 15m Introduction

30m Sketch

1h Sculpt

1h15m Final 2D piece

Easy T-Shirt Print

Presented by Chie Purugganan

(3 Hours)

In this workshop you'll be offered the opportunity to create an artwork using crayons on sandpaper. Be creative with your designs. It’s an easy way to wear an original piece done by yourself or by your students.

Once finished, the design can be transferred onto a t-shirt by heating the back of the sandpaper using an iron.

An Intro To 3D Drawing

Presented by Garizaldy Carreon

(3 Hours)

A fun, easy and exciting way on how to modify your flat drawing into a 3 dimensional image.